The Victorian House

Entering the Victorian House feels like entering a proper British country cottage. Heavy upholstered furniture with many pillows and wingback chairs create a pleasant warm and cozy atmosphere. This typically British style is enhanced by warm colors, walls paneled half way with dark wood and the oil paintings spread out through the whole room. Perfectly adapted to this environment are the waiters. Impeccably polite and reserved like a butler but always there when you need them. And beside this talent they are also very friendly and extremely helpful. And it can happen that you need their help. For example when browsing through the huge selections of tee with over 50 different flavors. The food on the menu is typical and traditional food from all over Britain. Breakfast with bacon, fried egg, tomatoes, mushrooms and of course baked beans, a simple Porridge with a splash of Whiskey or some Welsh Rarebit (toast scalloped with a coating made out of cheddar cheese, milk, flour and english mustard). And for lunch, tea time and dinner there are allot more typical british specialties like several sandwich, Scotch eggs (boiled egg coated with minced meat, fried in breadcrumbs, with mustard mayonnaise), Irish Entrecote steak and of course fish & chips.

Our Tip: If you are planning on visiting the Victorian House for a sunday brunch you should definitely make a reservation since this place is very popular. And in summer we can recommend a typical british meal in the sun just outside the Victorian House.

Contact & Info: The Victorian House, Ysenburg Strasse 13, 80634 München;


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