Home Made Fries with Steak

Located in the center of Munich, the Zerwirk building is packed with history. Today it’s the home of the restaurant Spezlwirtschaft that serves tasty traditional Bavarian and Austrian food. And we are not talking about heavy sauces and and large Knödel (Bavarian dumplings). Rather about a modern interpretation of these regional cuisines. This modern interpretation does not only count for the foods but also for the interior of the restaurant located on the second floor. Open, warm and inviting spaces with white walls, created in the second oldest building in Munich with it’s low ceilings, small windows and thick walls meet tables made from old barrels, an innovative light concept and a touch of reduction. This clean design continues in the menu with just a small and well selected choice of dishes like smoked trout fillet, grilled entrecôte from the Bavarian ox or vegetable pesto salad with marinated seasonal vegetables. In case you are planning to go out afterwards, you don’t have to stick to beer. Rather choose from a broad selection of different long drinks and cocktails.

But unfortunately the Spezlwirtschaft has one drawback. Even though the service is exceedingly friendly it just can’t keep up with the amount of orders. This and the fact that the Spezlwirtschaft is always crowded can lead to delays from which especially larger groups might be affected. However you don’t have to be afraid to run out of time while waiting because the opening hours are long. On Friday and Saturday you can stay until 5 o’clock in the morning and witness the transformation from a restaurant into a bar with electro and hip hop music.

Our Tip: Make sure to have a reservation even if you are just a hand full of people. Otherwise it may happen that theres no table available. And if you are clubbing in Munich just drop by at night – there’s even a late night dish on the menu. Below the restaurant the hip-hop club Crux opens it’s doors at 11pm.

Contact & Info: Spezlwirtschaft, Ledererstr. 3, 80331 München; www.spezlwirtschaft.me



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