Looking at the Rotkreuzplatz today with it’s traffic, trams and noise you would probably never guess, that the first building on this ground was a hunting château which was built in 1598. Almost 300 years later the tavern Jagdschlössl, a gorgeous, three-story building opened it’s doors for the very first time.

Sadly the Jagdschlössl today doesn’t look anything like the old one which got destroyed in the Second World War. But as you can see the Jagdschlössl defiantly has a lot of stories to tell. Today the rebuilt tavern which also offers a small beer garden is managed by the family that also runs the beer tent „Fischer Vroni“ at the probably most famous fair worldwide, the Oktoberfest.

Entering the Jagdschlössl, we quickly discovered that the dining room was a lot bigger than it seems from the outside and separated into two areas. We sadly didn’t get a table in the well populated bigger room which is decorated like a traditional hunting lodge. Therefore we were seated in the smaller one almost alone with just one other table taken. As a result the atmosphere was quite cold and because of the missing background sounds the feeling of a tavern didn’t really develop. The big dining room with it’s dark wood paneled walls and low ceiling creates a completely different atmosphere that is a lot more appealing and inviting. We decided on ordering a Sauerbraten, deer goulash and two Augustiner beer from the waitress, which fitted, thanks to her rustic appearance perfectly into the traditional surrounding. The food was not outstanding but plain and simply good. So if you should be close to the Rotkreuzplatz and hungry for some traditional Bavarian food you should definitely consider giving a Jagdschlössl a fair chance.

Our Tip: Visit the beer garden in summer. It is not nearly as crowded as the bigger beer gardens in Munich and pleasant atmosphere under the chestnut trees. But keep in mind that the Jagdschössl doesn’t accept any kind of debit card.

Contact & Info: Gaststätte Jagdschlössl, Nymphenburger Straße 162, 80634 München. Tel: 089/1689241, www.jagdschloessl-muenchen.de

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