Entering this small restaurant you feel like entering Japan. This authentic atmosphere is mainly created by the traditional rather reduced interior and the fact, that the entire menu and the daily recommendations are written in Japanese and German. We don’t know how good your Japanese is. Be assured though, that if you manage to order in Japanese the waiter and of course the Shokunin 職人 (traditional sushi chef) will definitely understand you just fine. Talking about the waiter, we can say with certainty that they are extremely helpful and do an overall awesome job. The Haguruma is a family owned restaurant that serves, beside a big variety of sushi, very traditional japanese cuisine. Especially recommendable is the Japanese hot pot, optional with tofu as Yu-Tofu, different kind of vegetables, fish and meat, Kimchi (Kimichinabe) or beef (Shabu-Shabu) which is definitely enough for two persons if you had starters. As starters we can recommend the Gomaae, spinach in sesame sauce, Kimchi (Chinese cabbage pickled in garlic and a spicy sauce) and the octopus sashimi.

And if you need something sweet at the end of your meal make sure to try the green tea ice cream or the ice cream made out of black sesame.

Our Tip: The Haguruma is small and always well-frequented – therefore it can be difficult to get a table if you arrive without a reservation. Always take a look at the menu of the day. According to unconfirmed channels the Haguruma is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Europe.

Contact & Info: Haguruma, Baaderstr. 62, 80469 München; www.restaurant-haguruma.de


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