Eclipse Grill Bar

The Eclipse Grill Bar is on my everyday way through Munich and I was never sure what I should think about it. Until that one day, when I was invited to an authentic Israeli dinner. So guess where I ended up… Right at the Eclipse! At first I was a bit sceptic considering the interior is not the latest thing in design and fashion and the fireplace video on TV is slightly outdated. But I must admit the first impression changed after just a few seconds, when the overly friendly waitress showed us to our table. The first look at the menu is overwhelming – you just want to try everything. There is an easy way to do that. Order whatever you like, place it in the middle if the table and share it with your friends.

So what can you actually order? Well considering the Israeli cuisine is a very young mixture of dishes from all over the world like the Orient, Russia, Italy and Marrokko you will be familiar with some of the tastes and quite a few will be completely new. Very popular in this so called fusion cuisine are skewers grilled over the open fire with all kind of different types of tender meat (except for pork since it’s non-kosher), Falafel balls made out of mashed and fried beans or chickpeas, Russian Pelmeni (a special kind of stuffed dumplings), Jachnun (Yemenit-Jewish dough sticks) and of course Humus, an oriental specialty that is made from mashed chickpeas, finely milled sesame called Thina, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and spices such as garlic and cumin.Or skip the main course and just have a selection of the appetizers aka. typical oriental salads and vegetables – grilled eggplants in many different styles, eastern European cabbage salads, grilled peppers and so on. As this „Schnick-Schnacking“ is so much fun we’ll just not tell you that there are really good burgers and fish on the menu as well. And because every good meal needs a good wine to go along side and since Israel is popular for its great wine you should definitely try one of the Kosher wines from the selection.

Our Tip: Ignor everything else, the food is amazing! Try LimoNana – a refreshing home made original lemonade with fresh mint and of course the best humus in town. The restaurant is not kosher. Make a reservation.

Contact & Info: Eclipse, Hessstr. 51, 80798 München;

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