9am until 1am, breakfast, lunch, dinner, a cocktail at the bar and in summer even a cold beer in the beer garden. At Cafe Neuhausen you can have everything. One of the first things you notice when you enter the spacious room with its nicely stucco decorated ceiling is the old wooden rotor blade, which today act as a oversized fan. Together with the dark wood from the bar and furnitures, the wooden flooring and all the other small details create a tasty, pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. A touch of colonial style meets art deco. Well mostly pleasant. Because of this spacious room and its high ceilings the sound level tends be quite a bit higher. Never the less, the service is really good. The waiter and waitresses are always very observed, friendly and quick. Unfortunately the food can’t keep up with this performance. Not that it’s bad but it just didn’t blow us away, at least the breakfast didn’t. We shared a “Neuschwanstein” for two persons with salmon, shrimp salad, cheese, ham and much more. All these different elements, of which there were plenty, were arranged nicely but the quality just didn’t exceed the basic level. Maybe that just counts for the breakfast but that is the only meal we had at the Cafe Neuhausen so far.

Our Tip: The Cafe Neuhausen is a good idea if you are in a bigger group. But even if the Cafe Neuhausen has a lot of space you should make a reservation. It tends to be quite crowded at all times of the day. And finally, its nice but don’t expect too much.

Contact & Info: Cafe Neuhausen, Blutenburgstraße 106, 80636 München;


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