Summer Drinks at Bavarese

Italian and traditional Bavarian food in one place? Is that even possible? Yes, and very well indeed. Classic “Fleischpflanzerl” (flat bavarian style meat balls) spiced with olives and fresh herbs, Schweinsbraten (pork-roast) with Mediterranean vegetables are on the menu alongside with a wide selection of fantastic pizzas with a thin and crispy crust. In case you don’t favor any of that mouth-watering options, you should try the Linguine with prawns or Tagliatelle with veal-mushroom-ragout. Visually, the Bavarese masters the balancing between holiday feeling on a Italian piazza, a Bavarian alehouse and traditional trattoria. With its bright and open space the Bavarese creates a pleasantly warm light-greenish atmosphere that invites you to stay. It is always well-frequented so one should plan for a little more time – just grab a beer at the bar until you’re seated.

Our Tip: Try the sunday brunch. It really deserves the name and offers a great veracity of classic breakfast and freshly made lunch. Quality food at a modest price. You will stay there quite some time. We promise.

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