Bar Reichenbach

Dimmed light, sophisticated simplistic interior, well dressed barkeeper with all-time classic suspenders and surprisingly high-quality cocktails. That’s Bar Reichenbach. A high class, traditional bar committed to produce creative cocktails like the Nanga Parbat with homemade rhubarb chutney, Mediterranean with rosemary and olives leads and the Pali Wallbanger. Where can I find this place you might ask. Well being honest, it’s in a place were we wouldn’t place our first stop for a bar like this. Gärtnerplatz, the hipster hot spot in munich. But this creative surrounding might also be the reason for this innovative concept of a seasonal oriented menu with changing cocktails every few month and a special focus on gin and gin based drinks.

Our Tip: Bar Reichenbach is famous for a large selection of Gin & Tonic variations. And if you are not as much into gin as we are simply ask the friendly and helpful bartender. By asking just a few questions he will make a small pre-selection of what you might like.


Contact & Info: Bar Reichenbach, Reichenbachstraße 22, 80469 München;


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