About Us

Do you know that feeling? You’re sitting at home, hungry, thinking where you could go to grab a bite? Home order is not an option. And the only place that pops up in your mind is the place you have been to the last three times… You just want to try something new but any time you consult a restaurant guide the same things are mentioned, the articles are outdated or the ratings obviously fake. The things that are served in those recommended restaurants are anything else than tasty and fresh. Or you visit a city and would really like to eat something typical and special, mingle with the locals but not step into the tourist trap – sit in the same room with a bunch of other people that have the same tourist-guide book laying on the table. Not the lonliest planet can keep up with the speed of restaurants and bars opening.

So… yes, we’ve experienced all potential scenarios mentioned above and that’s exactly why we created The Sweetest Mustard. This and the reason that we just love high quality food. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it needs to be extremely pricy but there’s nothing more disappointing than waisting money on a bad experience. There are so many great restaurants, cafes, bars and all other sorts of places were you can get excellent food and drinks in Munich and we want to help you finding them.

We are both Munich locals. No matter whether you ask a Chinese, American or Norwegian about Munich, the things that they mention for sure are beer, the Oktoberfest and BMW… oh and probably soccer. Munich is so much more though! Munich is for example famous for it’s sweet mustard that has a unique style and taste. Therefore we thought this name might fit our blog. You might also wonder why there are no high-res super-gloss images available like on many other food or travel blogs?! That’s not our ambition. We test the restaurants and take the photos of the food we actually get served. That’s in our opinion the most authentic way. Of course everything we write is from our perspective so please feel free to disagree. We are more than happy to read your comments and very grateful if you share your experience or recommendations with us.

Prost & an Guadn‘!

Marcel & Dani